Team building is important to set up strong team that can work together with effectiveness. Team building activities improve communication, morale, motivation, productivity of the employees and even help new employees to know each other better. Team building games and activities help bring together the team because a company’s success is based on teamwork.

The four basic kind of activities that are done in order to encourage team building are communication activities, problem solving or decision making activities, trust building activities and adaptability or planning activities. These activities tore the barriers between different employees down so that they can have a constructive relationship which would be beneficial for the company as well. These activities are both fun and challenging and also beneficial for an employee to come out of their shells and be their best versions.

Some of the activities and games based on communication that can be played for team building are as follows:

Two Truths and a Lie

The game is that everyone has to write two truths and one lie without revealing their names on small papers. All participants then have a 10 minute conversation and everyone ask quizzes each other on their three question after that you can tell the three statements and everyone has to guess which one is a lie. This game let you know each other better.

Life highlights game:

Every participant has to close their eyes for one minute and think about all the best moments of their lives. After that they have to close their eyes for 30 seconds and remember a moment that they want to relive if they only had 30 seconds left in their lives and then share it with others. The first task will help people in looking back to the good times of their lives that they might have forgotten and the next step would help them to interact with each other with an important highlight of their live.

One question ice breaker activity

This game has a leader who will decide the topic and others will be put into pairs. Now, each person would have to ask the other person a question related to the topic and see if they are suitable for them in that regard. This game breaks the ice among coworkers and let them have fun with each other.

Such team building activities in Dubai based corporations and companies are encouraged in order to develop better relations between the employees. Companies of event management in Abu Dhabi as well as in other cities of the world also have such events where they can arrange activities and games for the sole purpose of team building.


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