SEO stands for search engine optimization. In layman’s words, SEO means to improve the ranking of your online business against the query that has been punched in. SEO ensures better visibility, more conversions, and a great amount of traffic to your website. It uses different ways to bring traffic to your website. One of those ways that is followed by a digital agency Abu Dhabi is backlinking. In this article, we shall look at and understand the concept of SEO and how it works.


Search engines use crawlers and bots for the collection of information. These crawlers and bots travel to different websites and look for the relevant information so that this information could land in the search engine index. Through this indexing, search engines then decide which information should be ranked in the search results against what search queries. Bots remain limited to a single website. However, the crawlers go from a website to its linked website. For example, if there is a babywear online store, there might be a probability that a crawler may get to the baby accessories website up next.

The major thing that can help you in ranking on top searches against a search query is having thorough keyword research. Keywords help in content optimization. Each and everything present on a website must be optimized through the relevant keywords and this can easily be done by an SEO agency Abu Dhabi. Pictures should have altkey encoded so that if anyone is searching for something, they might get to your website through pictures too.

Why SEO gained popularity?

As the world turned into a digital world, people started to understand the importance of digital marketing and how it is effective for businesses online. SEO is the most important type of digital marketing. It not only helps in the marketing of a business. But it also helps in enhancing your business profitability. People will keep on the search and searching, now every business is online, therefore business is taking a very keen interest in SEO services. Businesses are investing in it because they need to appear on the very first search results again every search-relevant search query.


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