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We deal with every aspect of your event so you can focus on keeping your participants happy - the hard work stays with us. Save time and save money with our platform.
There is no need to sell your tickets on through another tool - creating a great experience for the participants can be painless and seamless.


  • Free up to
  • to 1000 Attendees
  • Available for 1 year after the event
  • Public or private event
  • Agenda
  • Accreditation
  • Speakers
  • Sponsors
  • Email Center*
  • Event Admin
  • Social Buzz
  • Q&A
  • 3 Polls
  • Partial Analytics

Basic - £0


  • 7,5% per ticket sold
  • R$ 3,00 por participante gratuito
  • Available for 1 year after the event
  • All BASIC version features in addition to:
  • Unlimited Polls
  • Full Analytics
  • Live Display
  • Feedback
  • Live Broadcast*
  • Share Documents 10MB
  • Notification Center*

Elite - £200


  • Consult us
  • All PRO version features in addition to
  • Share Documents 20MB
  • Voting
  • Sponsored Polls
  • Digital ad*
  • Exhibitors*
  • Monitoramente de hashtag em redes sociais*
  • Leads Collector*

Premium - £500

* comming soon

Our service charge per ticket already includes the amount charged by credit card operators, anti-fraud systems, servers for high access demand, and security certificates, and can be passed through to the buyer at no cost to the organiser.

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Estimate your profit and fees
Get the money before the event ends.



Estimated Revenue



Ticket Price

£ 000

Fee that the organiser pays

£ 000

Rate the ticket buyer pays at

£ 000

Total ticket buyers / purchases

£ 000

Get the money when you want
This means that you can request the transfer of the value of the tickets (discounted from the value of the service) while they are sold, with a deadline of 14 days after beginning sales.


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