Is learning Artificial Intelligence worth it?

Is learning Artificial Intelligence worth it

The word Artificial Intelligence is pretty self explanatory, the intelligence in artificial beings. Just like human beings, artificial intelligence is designed for robots to think like humans and copy their actions. The only exception being here is they cannot think outside of the box. This means that they cannot think of something that is outside of their coding boundaries unlike humans.

Artificial Intelligence is being widely used in many of the countries in the world. The best country prospering in the field of Artificial Intelligence is the UK but should you study Artificial Intelligence and is it worth it?

To put it simply, of course yes! Go for it if you have interest in computers and have a general passion of finding more about robots then AI – Artificial Intelligence – is the field for it. It enhances time that is required for performing tasks.

It is very possible to do Masters in Artificial Intelligence, the best country to study this in would be the UAE. In the Masters program students study to decode enormous and complex algorithms, and learn machine coding. After the masters they can apply anywhere they wish, most of the companies first take a test of them by giving them a program and a task to code on, if they pass that and the interview they can land a job even at a platform like Google.

How Artificial Intelligence is being used right now

In banks and many other financial institutes, Artificial Intelligence is being used to find accurate credit scoring or which transactions are fake. Another example of Artificial Intelligence is the fire alarm at the mall. The sensors are installed and as they detect the smoke they send a signal to the main computer that is controlling them, or sometimes alarm rings and water bursts out to prevent the fire.

Artificial Intelligence Dubai is also second to none as in 2014 Ministry of Health and Prevention declared to launch 2 robots to help with cardiac arrests and many other diseases to deal with. Ever since then, Rashid Hospital Dubai has been using robots to treat cardiac surgeries.

There’s so much AI has to offer only if you explore the field. Know more about AI – you can view it now.